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Your employees may row the boat fast, but are they going in the right direction?

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By Sam Flores

As we close yet another year, it is important to “review and measure” your dealership’s overall performance to gain a better understanding of the things that worked and didn’t work for you and your operations, so you can make the necessary adjustments now to lead to greater success in the future. Did your company meet its goals? What objectives were missed? Were there any obstacles that kept you from succeeding?  Does your team know what your objectives are?

A “review and measure” approach should be conducted annually, both for you and your employees.  I cannot stress enough the importance of employee evaluations.  When done correctly, the personnel  evaluation should reflect a clear outline of the characteristics which make for a successful employee within your company, but not just any company – YOUR company.  It should not be solely a critique of an employee’s performance on their anticipated job duties, but rather, a scorecard of the employee’s ability to meet and deliver on the skillset which reflect your company’s core competencies and values. It is important that every employee understands and is focused on your dealership’s mission statement as they perform their responsibilities.

Evaluations should be conducted periodically, at least once a year.  These evaluations should be consistent, clear, honest and unbiased.  Through the evaluation process, employee feedback should be encouraged to ensure the message of your expectations is understood.  Without a strong process in place to evaluate your employees which is tailored to your unique dealership operation, your employees may be headed in a different direction than your company vision; effectively holding your dealership back.

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