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Who is monitoring your digital media content?

By Sam Flores

Dealerships operate under severe scrutiny in one of the most regulated industries.  The digital age has brought about even more regulations, and even more risk to dealers.  Whereas you only had to monitor radio, television and print ads, today, web-based marketing has exploded and so has the risk of non-compliance.  Dealers need to constantly monitor their advertising on their websites as well as the information being published on 3rd party sites.  But advertising is not your only concern.

The rise of social media has also become a new opportunity to market the dealership.  And this too has brought on significant risk.  Who monitors the content? Is it professionally acceptable? Who uploads the content? Who is monitoring access? Is there an action plan in place if misleading or harmful information is posted?

Monitoring the content is important and should be the ultimate responsibility of a senior manager that understands the company culture, regulatory requirements, OEM requirements, and other potential risk areas to effectively enforce a clear policy regarding acceptable content.  The data that is posted on social media should reflect the company and its values.    But reputation management is not the only risk. Another key factor is determining who has access to the transmission of data on your social media pages.  Your IT department should always be a partner in monitoring access and filtering data to prevent confidential data leaks.

Remember, any information being displayed on your social media pages is a reflection of your dealership. Remain vigilant always or it can cost you in lost reputation, data breaches, and potentially deceptive marketing practices.

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