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Thinking about applying for an Open Point (Part 1)?

By Eduardo Hernandez

Whether you’re an experienced dealer with multiple franchises, a rising sales manager, or anything in between – has the thought of applying for an open point ever crossed your mind? Investing some time to keep your resume updated can save you hours of headaches if you ever do decide to apply for an open point.

Many, if not all, applications will ask you to summarize various aspects of your resume on the application. By keeping your resume up to date, it will make filling out the application and creating a business plan that much easier because you would be keeping many of the items manufacturers ask about in one place and current. Some of the items we’ve seen manufacturers ask about include: employment history, awards, community involvement, and formal education.  Take credit when credit is due, and here are some tips to help you:

  • More importantly than keeping track of your positions in each dealership are the accomplishments that you achieved in each position. If you were directly involved in raising or maintaining CSI scores or had record breaking sales numbers, make sure to keep track of it.
  • All awards that you’ve been personally awarded should be on your resume, especially anything related to the manufacturer or industry. Keep track of any manufacturer awards that you played a key role in helping the dealership win.
  • Keep track of any community involvement you’ve taken part in. Whether it’s a few sporadic community service events, a cause you strongly support, or a creative way of getting customers in the door. (Make sure to take and keep pictures!)
  • When it comes to education, capture it all. Whether it’s the NADA University training or a Bachelor of Science, this information completes the picture on who you are as a dealer.

Remember, with an open point application, the goal is to convince a manufacturer that you are the best candidate to open a dealership and start a decade’s long relationship with. Highlighting your ability to sell vehicles and keep your customers happy is key in open point applications.

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