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Eliminating redundancy and inefficiency in reporting

By Sam Flores

It seems that as technology has taken a stronger foothold in the office, so has the tendency to overload managers with the amount of reports available at our fingertips, and because they are available, they should be run, right? Not necessarily.  Often, I see managers inundated with reports that are either, redundant, or irrelevant.  Either way, sifting through these reports to get to the truly relevant information causes inefficiency. It is important for managers to determine what data they require to manage effectively and efficiently.

Companies should periodically review the reports being sent throughout the company and determine their purpose.  Who is using them? What type of data is being sent out and to whom?  Should certain employees have access to the information? This streamlining of data reporting process may uncover some interesting results.  I have seen companies reduce the number of reports being generated by 30%.  One issue we uncovered was that the same reports were being duplicated in different departments under different names, a waste of time and money.  I have also found that confidential information was being sent out to employees without permission because they somehow were included on the “mailing list”.   Taking this one step further, how much paper is being wasted on unnecessary reports printed on a recurring basis only to be thrown away upon receipt?

Remember, reports should be run only if they are relevant and enhance a manager’s decision-making. Anything else is just clutter.

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