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Do you picture yourself applying for an Open Point (Part 2)?

By Eduardo Hernandez

One critical aspect of the open point application process is explaining to the manufacturer why you, the dealer candidate, are the best candidate for the proposed market.  This is most often demonstrated with a business plan.

Well-placed pictures can help paint an illustration in the minds of the executives reading your business plan as to why you are the best candidate. There will be dozens of qualified applicants and visuals can help illicit the emotional response that makes the difference between being awarded the open point or going home empty handed after spending countless resources on the application. Even if you aren’t considering applying for an open point soon, taking pictures of key events can help you in the event  you decide to apply so you aren’t scrambling for pictures at the last minute or worse, using stock photos.

Generally speaking, try to always take high quality pictures. It’s very disappointing when you find the perfect picture for a section of your business plan, but the picture ends up being pixelated. Be mindful of the background of the photo, try to avoid having any clutter. Also, try to take pictures that frame or identify the location or event. If it’s a picture of a dealership, try to get an angle that makes it obvious where you are in the dealership. If it’s a picture at a community outreach event, try to get a picture with a sign or banner that identifies the event. Pictures of the dealer candidate or potential members of management for the new store would also be very useful for a business plan. When using pictures of any new vehicles, use pictures of the most recent inventory possible.

Consider taking pictures of the following:

  • Construction of dealership
  • Opening day
  • The dealership facilities
  • Community service projects or events
  • Anything related to marketing, including customer appreciation events or programs
  • Award ceremonies
  • Training events
  • Employees working and interacting with customers

Remember, the best application will not guarantee you the open point, but it will go a long way to distinguish your application, and more importantly you, from the rest of the crowd.

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