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As Seen on WardsAuto

By Phil Villegas

Throughout my decades in this industry, one particular theme has emerged: It’s not the franchise or store location that consistently drives success. Rather, it’s leadership.

I’d like to dive deeper and explore an essential dynamic of successful leadership. Many general managers may believe they are good leaders, despite possibly being hacks.

It’s often easier to find fault in others while remaining blissfully unaware of our own shortcomings.  Like the guy who reads Men’s Fitness every month yet remains 25 pounds (11 kg) overweight.

I’m not immune to this either: I’ll read about working with Millennials or emotional intelligence, yet I still find it difficult to let go of the “management style” I learned in the Marines…OOH RAH!

I’ve had a very fortunate automotive career in which I have been exposed to the inner workings of hundreds of dealerships in nearly every state. I have seen retailers of various [...]

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